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Toyota Dealership
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There are times to buy a car and then there are really good times to buy a car. Right now is one of those times.

A confluence of factors will help you get a very good deal:

* Incentives are jacked up

Toyota fired the first shot offering 0% for 60 months on many of its '10 models. And if that's not enough to entice you, the company is sweetening the deal by throwing in a two-year maintenance program if you already have another Toyota or are trading one in. Easily, the richest incentive offer Toyota has already rolled out.

Not to be outdone, GM and Chrysler are essentially matching Toyota's 0% offer. Ford is being more targeted offering 0% over different time periods for the Focus, Fusion, Explorer and a few other models.

* You can drive a deal now

With Toyota looking to win over customers, dealers are going to go further than ever to close a sale. As one dealer friend said to me, "We have to work harder now because there's so much competition." That means you can and should drive a hard bargain when you finally hit the showroom.

* The quality of the car or truck you are getting is better then ever

Auto Incentives Are Back

This point often gets overlooked.

The new models are improving in reliability, the integration of entertainment systems is better, and the fuel economy choices are improved wit more small cars for sale.

Bottom line, this month we could see one of those rare opportunities (like cash for clunkers or GM's Keep America Rolling after 9/11) where the buyer can drive a strong deal.


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