Pharmas Market with Mike Huckman

The Statin Of The Union

President Barack Obama
Photo by: Pete Souza

President Obama has high cholesterol.

For now, his doctors are prescribing healthy living. But some say he should be put on a statin or cholesterol-lowering drug pronto.

I'm not a doctor or a political expert, but I think the President might be missing an opportunity to lower his LDL number and raise his POLL numbers.

While I'm certain Pfizer, Merck and AstraZeneca would give anything to have it leak that Obama's been put on Lipitor, Vytorin or Crestor, respectively, he might be better off, politically, at least, going on generic Zocor.

What better way to set an example about how to save the health care system money as the debate over reform rages on?

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He's already come under fire for cutting the $80 billion side deal with big pharma in the previous health care reform go-around. So, by going generic he could also dodge criticism that he's too cozy with the brand-name drugmakers.

It could be a win-win. Unless, that is, the generic Zocor doesn't do the trick. Then, let the drug sales rep ultimate fighting match with POTUS' doctors begin.

Full disclosure: I'm on 10mg of Pfizer's Lipitor. I also take CholestOff, fish oil, flax seed oil, red yeast rice and garlic tabs to combat the problem. That is not an endorsement for any of them. I also teach a spin class on Sunday mornings and reluctantly, but regularly work out with a trainer.

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