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Cramer: Apple to Capture Corporate Biz?

Corporate Web designers are starting already to design applications for Apple’s new iPad, Cramer reported during Thursday’s Stop Trading!. Never before has the business world warmed so quickly to one of Steve Jobs’ new products, the Mad Money host said, and it could result in a huge market opportunity for the company.

Consumers have always been the earliest adopters of Macs and iPods and iPhones, while Hewlett-Packard and Dell served the business world. But Cramer said financials companies are taking an interest in the iPad, which is a touch-screen tablet with the capacity for Web browsing, e-mail, photos and video.

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“This will be a big win” for Apple , Cramer said, if the corporate world switches platforms.

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

Also in tech, Cramer was disappointing with the latest numbers out of Ciena . Many investors used the stock to play a faster Internet, but he recommended they try F5 instead.

Recession or not, people are still spending on their pets, at least if the good numbers from Del Monteand PetSmart are any indication. Cramer said to consider VCA Antech and PetMed Express as well.

“This category is a here-to-stay category that’s growing,” Cramer said, adding that fears of Walmart moving in on this group proved wrong.

Cramer praised Nucor’s joint venture with Mitsui & Co., the American subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Ltd. ,and their investment in Steel Technologies. He called the move a “major international extension to Nucor’s business,” something that CEO Dan DiMicco has been talking about for a while

“I'm surprised Nucor isn’t up more” on the news, Cramer said.

What’s holding back Walmart despite what Cramer described as “an otherwise red-hot retail market”? President Obama. The White House is pro-union while WMT is not. Investors fear “card check” could be raised as an issue at any time, Cramer said, and that would make Walmart “public enemy number one.”

And lastly, The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report’s Marc Faber today on CNBC recommended buying gold “forever,” saying the commodity’s “quantity cannot increase at the same rate as you can print money, which will eventually weaken the US dollar.” Cramer pointed out that gold is in a seasonally weak period, which usually lasts from March until the summer, so it “might be a great time to buy.”

But “don’t expect anything to happen right now,” Cramer said.

Cramer's charitable trust owns Apple.

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