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Markets Will Move Higher in a Month: Strategist Art Hogan

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd announced that a bipartisan agreement on financial regulatory reforms could be reached in a few days. 

Pre-Market Buzz

Art Hogan, managing director at Jefferies, shared his views.

“A lot of good things are being brought up,” he told CNBC.

“There’s an increasing thought process going on that this is something that may work. We may have a workable change in regulatory oversight for financial services.”

On the Jobs Report:

Stocks opened higher on Friday after the government reported fewer workers were laid off in February than expected.

“When you think about the fact that we are exactly at where we were when we entered the year, we worked our way through 65 days a year and haven’t moved an inch,” said Hogan.

“And the argument is pretty well-balanced…we’re heading higher and it’s going to take a month before we do it.”

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