Cisco to Debut New Tools for High Speed Networks


Cisco is likely on Tuesday to debut tools that will enable its network service providers to build their own high-speed networks, as opposed to showing a new, high-speed broadband network of its own, CNBC has learned.

Cisco has fueled speculation for by saying the announcement will "forever change the Internet and its impact on consumers, businesses and government."

Sources say it's most likely the company will show tools that will allow companies such as Comcast and AT&T to create their own high-speed networks.

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(Video: Discussing Cisco's upcoming announcement that it plans to unviel new tools for the build out of high-speed networks, with Brian Kelly, Kanundrum Capital, & CNBC's Jim Goldman.)

Google recently announced plans for a pilot high-speed network it is building. Rather than compete directly with Google, it's possible new tools from Cisco could help Google deliver on its promise of one-gigabit-per second download speeds.

Cisco shares rose slightly in after-hours trading, after ending the regular session nearly 4 percent higher at $26.14. Get after-hour quotes for Cisco here.