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‘Game Changer’: A US-China Oil Partnership

Cramer during Monday’s Stop Trading! called Royal Dutch Shell and PetroChina’s $3 billion bid for Arrow Energyan “important deal,” saying it “should revalue a lot of nat-gas companies.”

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Cramer saw potential acquisition as a sign that many oil and gas companies are steering clear of countries – Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria – in which it can be hard to do business and choosing instead safer regions like Arrow’s Australia.

“I’m waiting for Royal Dutch to come into the American market,” Cramer said.

The Mad Money host also wondered whether China will make another move on a US oil firm. Politics, among other things, killed an attempt by CNOOC to buy Unocal back in 2005, making the Chinese “fearful of Congress,” Cramer said. But a joint venture with an American firm, similar to the one RDS has with PetroChina , “would be a game-changer.” He said it would be “the beginning of a major, major consolidation” among independent US oil companies.

Disney’s announced today that it would work with MLB Advanced Media “for its technology infrastructure and operations support,” the press release said. Cramer thinks the collaboration should benefit Akamai Technologies , Adobe Systems and Oracle’s Sun Microsystems, three companies that help to power MLBAM’s

“I thought this was a major win” for AKAM, ADBE and ORCL, Cramer said, “because it’s basically saying that those are the players for this [streaming] video tsunami.”

Lastly, Cramer said that President Obama took a Goldman Sachs report on HMOs “a little out of context.” Watch the video for the Mad Money host’s take on that.

Cramer’s charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs.

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