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10 Picks to Play the Market Rebound: Portfolio Managers

Stocks rose after a lower open on Tuesday on the 1-year anniversary of the March 2009 lows. What should investors expect from markets going forward? Ken Croft, chief investment officer and portfolio manager at Croft Value Fund, and Bill McVail, portfolio manager at Turner Small Cap Growth Fund, discussed their market strategies. (Scroll down for their stock picks.)

Growth vs. Value

“We think it’s always a good time to be a value investor,” Croft told CNBC.

“I think it’s a time where you need to be diversified and you need leverage to see continuing global rebound, as well as the steadier names that are selling at valuations you haven’t seen in many years.”

Croft said there are still good long-term buys in the market and told investors to look for opportunities in the health caresector.

In the meantime, McVail said growth in the small-cap names continue to look attractive.

“You can find what you want, but differentiate by those companies that are going to separate themselves from the pack through organic topline growth or positioning versus their competitors in the market and that’s what we focus on,” he advised.


Croft’s Picks:




McVail’s Picks:

True Religion Apparel  

JCrew Group  



Robert Half  


GSI Commerce

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Croft owns shares of CSCO, BAX and LOW via owning shares in the CLVX fund.

No immediate information was available for McVail or his firm.