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Mad Mail: When to Buy Citigroup

Hi Mr. Cramer: My husband and I greatly respect your advice. You are one of the very few people who are standing on the side of regular folks. I would like to extend my gratitude on behalf of millions of people who struggle everyday to understand the stock market as they invest for their retirement. My question is, we would like to include a utility company in our portfolio. Is this a good move on our part? If so, what would be the best long-term utility stock to buy? -Thank you, Shaheda

Cramer says: “I’m going to give you two of them. The first one is Dominion Resources
because they have a very good mix of green kinds of energies, some not so green. And Xcel Energy because they have the most nuclear power.”

Booyah Jim: You are my 2010 New Year’s resolution. This is by far the most fun I've had with any resolution, thank you! You recently advised that the time to start buying Citibank is when the US government starts selling it. How will I know when this happens? -Thank you, Patti

Cramer says: “The government will announce it. That will cause a lot of people to knock the stock down. That’s what people do, that is what traders do. So then it will be priced at a very attractive price. And I want you in it. And the stock is going dramatically higher.”

Dear Cramer: When I was young, you guided my mom through her investments and now I hope you can help me with mine. I am an environmental studies major doing my thesis on sustainable investment theory and am curious:  What is your opinion on the portion of your portfolio that should be invested in "sustainable" companies? And are there any recommendations of companies that meet your sustainability qualifications? -Kai

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “The sustainability of Procter & Gamble , 3M and Intel are great. When it comes to green, environmental, we don’t invest like that. We try to find the single-best stocks and then you can take the proceeds or dividends and devote them to a cause. But as soon as we start going down the path of trying to figure out whether they are sustainable environmentally we are going to miss opportunities on how to make money.”

Jim, What's the deal with Ross Stores going up and The TJX Companiesgoing down? I can't find any relevant news. Can you explain this to Cramerica? Thanks for all you do for the small investor! –Stout

Cramer says: “Remember we flagged Ross Stores as a huge dividend increaser. But TJX has had a monster move. A lot of people think the move is over, but I disagree. I like both TJX and Ross Stores and I think if you start selling them here, you’re going to be making a very big mistake.”

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