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Samsung Introduces Its New Line of 3-D TVs


Korean electronics giant Samsung today introduced its new line of 3-Dimensional televisions. The company's consumer electronics division president, Tim Baxter, said Samsung will sell 15 different models of 3-D TV in prices ranging from $1,699 for a 40-inch to $6,999 for a 65-inch version.

Not surprisingly, viewers need to wear glasses to get the full 3D effect. The glasses are, according to Baxter, "comfortable and fairly stylish." They're also expensive -- starting at $150 for each pair.

3D Television

(Video: Samsung's consumer electronics division president discusses 3D television with CNBC's Mark Haines & Erin Burnett.)

If you buy a 3D TV and Blu-Ray player from Samsung, you'll get two sets of glasses free. Additionally, says Baxter, "there will be a host of bundled promotions and other opportunities [for viewers] to get them at great deals."

Because 3D content is currently limited to Blu-Ray discs, Samsung is also selling 3D Blu-Ray players so viewers actually have something to watch on their new TV.

And you don't have to use the television for 3D if you choose not to -- a simple button enables viewers to revert to 2D.

The Samsung televisions will be available at electronics retailers in April of this year.