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Life After Late Night: Conan On Tour

Conan O'Brien
Getty Images

Conan O'Brien is taking advantage of all the attention he got when ousted from NBC and going on tour.

When NBC decided to move Jay Leno back to his 11:35 PM slot, everyone wondered if Fox would jump into the late night game and gave Conan a show, or if he'd land on a cable channel like HBO?

Conan's ratings, and his hefty salary, didn't make it worth it for another media giant to snap him up, so now he's going it alone.

After all that media attention and the viral campaign Conan's fans waged to keep him on air, his tour should be a huge hit. On April 12th he'll kick off a two-month 30 city tour, with prices ranging from $39.50 to $79.50.

The fact that Conan can go it alone speaks to the state of today's media.

No longer do celebrities rely on media giants to distribute their content. Once they're established it's quite easy to communicate directly with fans between Twitter, YouTube , and of course stars' own Web sites.

Conan's contract with NBC does afford him a $34 million payday. And of course Conan wouldn't have his huge fan base without his years on the network. But now he can continue to collect the dividends from his time at the network. Conan is embracing the "I'm with Coco" image that his fans promoted during the throw down with NBC. This gives him an authenticity that should only help during his tour.

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