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Market Tips: Go Long on China's Growth

Global stocks were mixed on Thursday as data showing Chinese inflation rose to a 16-month high in February spurred policy tightening talk. But experts told CNBC investors should buy stocks related to the Asian growth story.

Long-term Opportunities in China

There are plenty of long-term opportunities in China, that's according to Yoong-Chou Chong, Investment Director, Asia at Aberdeen Asset Management. He discusses some of his stock picks.

Buy Consumer-Related Stocks, Telecoms

Get exposure to consumer-related stocks and telecoms with strong cash flow and presence in emerging markets, says James Holt, vice president of BlackRock Investment Management.

Markets Watching For China Tightening

Richard Yetsenga, regional FX strategist at HSBC, tells CNBC that markets are used to strong Chinese economic data and Beijing is likely to deliver another reserve requirement hike to keep liquidity under control.

China Successful in Reining in Growth

If China's inflation stays around the 2-3% range, that signals Beijing is successful in reining in excessive growth, says Thomas Byrne, senior vice president and regional credit officer, sovereign risk unit at Moody's Sovereign Risk Group. He shares his initial reaction to fresh Chinese data.

Inflation a Risk for China

With China's two engines, domestic demand and exports, roaring back, it will face the risk of inflation, says Frederic Neumann, senior Asian economist at HSBC. He shares his outlook for the economy.

2010 Will Be a Good Year for Aussie Stocks

2010 will be a good year for Australian stocks, says Paul Taylor, portfolio manager at Fidelity International. He tells CNBC why and what kind of companies will stand out this year.

Hot on Australia's Media Sector

Australia's media sector looks attractive to Paul Taylor, portfolio manager at Fidelity International. Taylor also reveals his other top Aussie stock picks.

Unexplainable Rise in Oil a Good Sign

The unexplainable rise in oil prices is a bullish sign, according to Adam Mesh, CEO of Adam Mesh Trading Group.

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