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Skeptics Abound About Runaway Toyotas

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You've probably heard the comments.

I have.

There are many people who have heard the reports of Toyota cars racing out of control and they aren't blaming Toyota


They are blaming the drivers.

Walt from Detroit wrote me, "It's time America takes drivers education and learn the basics of driving. Problem solved."

Bob is even more blunt about his view of the runaway Prius in California saying, "I think this is the biggest bunch of BS I've heard in a long time. Surely the guy driving that car didn't have any part of a brain. Why couldn't he simply shift into neutral and then stop safely? Doesn't make any since to me."

Paul agrees. He wrote, "Any idiot who went 30 miles like that should have his license to drive revoked."

Finally, John says, "...Would like to hear an explanation of why the motorist didn't simply turn the key off?? and let the car drift to a stop."

You get the idea.

Many people just aren't buying the idea Toyota's are suddenly speeding up.

But not everyone has become skeptical.

I also hear from people who think there's some type of a problem with Toyota vehicles. What it is, they're not sure. But they've seen some of the accidents, like the California Highway Patrolman who could not stop his Lexus last fall and wound up crashing the car and dying along with three other passengers. They also point to the accident outside Dallas in December when a Toyota Avalon broke through a fence, flipped over, and landed in a lake. Four people died.

This is why it's critical for investigators from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to reach some type of conclusion after studying the runaway Prius in California, or the Prius that surged and crashed into a brick wall outside New York City.

If NHTSA reached a conclusion, people will finally start to buy into the idea we truly know what's wrong with these Toyota's. For better or worse, many people are skeptical of Toyota's investigations, while others are skeptical of the outside firms that are accusing Toyota of having faulty electronics.

Send in your comments and let me know what you think of this latest rash of unintended acceleration cases being reported.


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