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Cramer’s Emerging-Market Plays

Cramer has always recommended owning stocks with overseas exposure as one of the best ways to diversify a portfolio. That’s especially true in 2010, he says, because the Democrats controlling Washington have proved themselves very unfriendly toward American business.

At the same time, countries overseas are more pro-growth, they seem less skittish about using natural resources, they impose fewer taxes, and they aren’t as exposed to the massive budget deficits we carry here in the States.

Put simply, "Other nations have revered private business more than we have," Cramer says.

This doesn’t mean that US-focused stocks won’t work at all. Indeed, Cramer’s charitable trust is composed largely of bellwether Dow and S&P 500 names. But he does suggest that investors spread out their risk, and maybe even seek out growth, with strong international companies.

So what stocks should you buy? Cramer compiled a list of his 10 favorites, picking the best names doing business in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Read on to find out who they are.

Note: Cramer is not rating all of these stocks as buys at all times. Readers must do their homework before buying, if they choose to do so.

Posted March 12, 2010