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Boston Market's Straw Warning Mystery Solved

It's not because we're stupid.

It's not a fear of lawsuits.

It's a joke.

Photo by: Chris Maurer

Earlier this week I blogged about a soda cup a friend saw—and photographed—at Boston Market which carried the warning, "Please do not insert straw into nose. Thank you." 

As I mentioned, I reached out to the restaurant chain's PR people to find out why Boston Market felt the need to issue such a warning.

Today, I heard back from company media liaison Sabrina Crider, who writes, "The cup in the photo on your blog is actually Boston Market's Kid's cup and yes, they were being funny by using a kid's sense of humor."

That is a relief.

Crider says there are several other sayings on Boston Market soda cups as part of a whimsical campaign called "Time for Your Life", which she says tries to show "how the company feels that life deserves balance and that not everything needs to be viewed quite so seriously."

Some of the other messages which can be found on larger, 21-oz. cups at the restaurant include:

"Slow down. You don't want to get a brain freeze."
"Sip this drink. Gulp down life."
"Thirsty for some free time?"
"A toast, to having more free time."
And "For a good time, insert a straw."

Just not into your nose.

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