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Toyota Answers Questions on Former Employee's Allegations

Responding to a request from the House Oversight Committee for clarification about allegations from an ex-Toyota attorney, the Japanese auto maker sent a letter on Friday to Rep. Edolphus Towns.

Tustin Toyota dealership in Tustin, California.
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The letter revolves around Toyota's position about five specific questions Chairman Towns sent to Toyota regarding former Toyota attorney Dimitrios Biller and information about Toyota's Books of Knowledge.

The Books of Knowledge—closely guarded and highly sensitive internal Toyota information and documents—came up during the Oversight Committee hearing last month.

While there has been much speculation and reporting that Toyota will have to address potentially damaging internal documents, one source says the company's letter to the committee on Friday answered five specific questions, and did not produce any bombshells.

Toyota has told the committee that it's familiar with some of the information Mr. Biller has handed over to the Federal government, but it is still waiting for the committee to grant Toyota's request to see everything Biller has handed over.

The letter was Toyota explaining how it has shared information about document requests and what it has told transportation officials about its Books of Knowledge.

So where does this leave the Oversight Committee investigation? It's still a work in progress, and while there has been plenty of interest and anticipation Congress may discover damaging information, there has yet to be any so-called "smoking gun" document.


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