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California Senate Race Goes For Laughs

Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett-Packard CEO.

She's done it again.

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has released another attention-grabbing campaign video, as she seeks to beat out two Republican rivals and take on Sen. Barbara Boxer in November.

This one is called "Hot Air--The Movie", and it portrays Boxer, a veteran Democrat, as someone who's head has gotten so large in Washington--literally--that the Capitol can no longer contain her. She floats west like a blimp to "tell us all how to live our lives."

"Hot Air" runs nearly eight minutes. It debuted over the weekend at the state GOP convention. The video was created by Fred Davis, the man behind Fiorina's earlier "Demon Sheep" campaign ad, a bizarre mini-movie about one of Fiorina's GOP rivals which went viral faster than H1N1.

The anti-Boxer video is both humorous and surreal.

It shows a Monty Python-like Boxer-head blimp floating over California, while a deep-voiced announcer melodramatically tells us the Senator has "quit working for us." The ad claims Sen. Boxer has raised "job killing taxes", and has successfully authored only three laws in 18 years in the Senate (some would argue that's a good thing).

Fiorina, on the other hand, is introduced as a "five foot, six inch fireball" who worked her way through Stanford as a receptionist. She then went to law school, "but (pause) quit after one semester." That line may get the biggest laugh.

The San Francisco Chroniclereports that Fred Davis got the idea for the Boxer Blimp "one night at his Hollywood pad, just riffing on the idea of images that could evoke Boxer; he imagined 'her head blowing up like a balloon,' bigger and bigger, and floating away."

Chuck DeVore, who is running against Fiorina for the GOP nomination, nicknames the new video "Hindenboxer". He told The Chronicle, "What you're seeing is a campaign that is constantly going over the top.''

It is over the top, and riveting.

"Hot Air" takes campaigning to a more entertaining level. Whether it helps Fiorina get elected...well...we're certainly paying closer attention.

The newspaper says Sen. Boxer's campaign team is not amused-"Not even another bizarre video can distract from Fiorina's record as a failed CEO who laid off 28,000 workers and shipper California jobs overseas."

I can hardly wait to see what's next! Perhaps if Fiorina had commissioned such edgy commercials to push HP equipment back when she was CEO, she might have sold more PCs and printers.

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