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The Next Botox?

It's the Coke-vs.-Pepsi battle of the vanity-medicine business: Longtime king of smooth skin Botox, made by Allegan, now has a new competitor, Medicis Pharmaceutical Dysport. And the latter is making a strong run for the crown, Cramer said Monday.

Medicis launched Dysport in June, but the company started a big promotion this month called the "Dysport Challenge." The treatment is $200 cheaper than Botox's $500 price tag, and new customers get a $75 rebate for trying Dysport. According to Medicis, orders have as much as doubled from the practices that they cover in just the two weeks since this promotion began.

Beauty First?

But how is MRX going to close the gap with Allergan as the economy rebounds? To answer that question and to learn more about the company’s prospects, Cramer talked with the CEO of Medicis, Jonah Shacknai. Watch the video for the full interview.

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