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This Financial Is the 'Lucky Bank'

Barclays Capital, the investment banking unit of Barclays Group, is considering a partnership structure a la Goldman Sachs and Lazard before the latter two went public, according to the Financial Times.

Barclays is the 'Lucky Bank'

Where does Barclays stand now? Justin Urquhart Stewart, partner at Seven Investment Management and former Barclays employee, and Allister Heath, editor at UK financial paper CityAM, offered CNBC their analysis.

"Barclays has been the lucky bank," Stewart said. "They managed to not get ABN Amro" —the troubled state-owned Dutch bank—"and they did not buy Lehman Brothers before [Lehman] went bust."

And Barclays "managed to stay out of the grips of the government," Stewart added.

Heath's take: "Partnership structures seem to be efficient when it comes to banks. You need to involve...and incentive people the right way. Take the right kinds of risks."

But Heath also offered a caveat: "The problem is that ... a real partnership also involves people, partners, losing their money." 


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