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Big Masters Winner? Badge Holders

It will be the greatest ratings we’ve ever seen.

But ESPN and CBS are already restricted to the number of hours they can show the Masters and more importantly, the number of commercials they can sell (four minutes worth an hour). So those who are buying CBS stock today – and shares are up more than two percent – let’s hope it’s for that March Madness bump.

It will be the greatest demand for hotels we’ve ever seen.

But, as of late last week, almost all the hotels in Augusta were sold out.

It will likely be the best week at the concessions Augusta National has ever seen. But remember, this is one of the only organizations in America that doesn’t exactly care about making money. So don’t expect some extra runs on some collared shirts now or a raising in the price of those famous pimento and cheese sandwiches.

Tiger Woods hits out of a bunker on the eighth green during a playoff round at the US Open golf tournament, Torrey Pines Golf, San Diego, California.

So, who makes the buck off Tiger’s return?

Those with the badges who are willing to miss the historic moment, that’s who.

Stubhub reports that in the first hour, prices for badges, which cost at minimum $500 a day, were up 10 percent.

And with Tiger in the game, that’s only going to go up, to the what will be one of the highest ticket prices in sports history.

It’s amazing how much business there was to be made and because Tiger picked Augusta, which has a unique place in the business world, there’s only going to be a small amount of people that will cash in. But boy will they be counting their bills come early April.

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