Real Estate

Housing Market: Expert Views Still Divided

Experts share with CNBC their take on the future of the housing market and how government programs are impacting real-estate.

Housing Market to Double Dip

"The housing market surely will double dip...The asset classes of MBS and Treasurys are priced for a material correction in my opinion. The only buyers of agency MBS are the Fed and banks so you see how precarious that market is."

—Meredith Whitney, CEO of Meredith Whitney Advisory Group

Healthy Recovery, But Not Robust

Cashing in on Real Estate

"It's not going to be a robust recovery, certainly not as robust as many in the industry had previously thought, but it is going to be a healthy recovery...We're seeing strong signs of activity, we just have got to see if it closes in April...The real question is what's going to happen after the tax credit expires, that's an interesting question for a lot of people, both from a legislative standpoint and and industry standpoint, some discussion about what happens next, and the jury is still out on that."

—Richard Smith, President and CEO of Realogy

The Market Will Bounce Back

Hovnanian's Real Estate Outlook

"We are seeing stability in the marketplace, both in terms of sales and in the marketplace...I think 2010 we're going to set ourselves up for turning things around...The market is going to bounce back. We are at levels we haven't seen since World War II, it's unsustainable, we're just in a growing population mode in the country and we can't sustain that for a very long period."

—Ara Hovnanian, President and CEO of Hovnanian Enterprises