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Biggest Beer-Drinking States

Can you guess which US state holds the title of beer-drinking king?

The Beer Institute, a Beer industry public policy group, compiles a report of annual statistics on beer consumption and production across the United States. The yearly report includes state-by-state per captia consumption figures, which calculates average consumption by comparing individuals of legal drinking age (aged 21 and over) to the amount of beer delivered within the state.

The group estimates that there were over 7.16 billion gallons of beer consumed in the US in 2008, while the states with the lowest annual per capita consumption levels were Utah (20.5 gallons), New York (23.2 gallons), and New Jersey (23.5 gallons).

So, what are America's biggest beer drinking states? Click ahead to find out!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 16 March 2010

Source: The Beer Institute | Photo: Tim Graham | Getty Images