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Dow on Track for First 7-day Win Streak in Months

Not only is the Dow Industrial Average trading at its highest level in 18 months, reaching an intraday high of 10,767.98, but it is also up today for the seventh consecutive day.  The last time that the Dow had a 7-day winning streak was August 27, 2009, to end an 8-day ending streak when it rallied 4.9% in that time period. 

In 2009, the Dow only had 2 streaks of 7 days or more, ending on August 27th and July 21st.  Although, the Dow is the least positive year to date amongst the other two major US indexes, the S&P and NASDAQ Composite , it’s up about 3% for this year, and up almost 4% for the month as of noon today.

The biggest winning streak that the Dow ever recorded was a 13-day winning streak which ended on 1/20/1987 when it rose 11% for that rallying period.  There have been 14 streaks in the history of the Dow of 10 days or more, with 8 of those 14 being 10-day streaks.  

The Dow's Biggest Winning Streaks:

Leading the Dow in the current rally is General Electric as it has climbed over 12% in the past 7 days, followed by Intel which is up about 7%. See the table below for the Dow's Top 10 Stocks in the current 7-day rally.

Dow's TOP 10 Stocks in the Current 7-Day Rally:

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