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Why Investors Should Buy on the Dips: Strategists

The Dow rose Thursday as jobless claims beat and the CPI report showed little sign of inflation. How should investors be positioned in this environment? Christian Thwaites, president and chief executive of Sentinel Asset Management, and Jason Trennert, chief investment strategist and managing partner at Strategas Research Partners, shared their insights.

“The economic momentum right now is quite positive,” Trennert told CNBC. “It’s very likely that we’ll see better job numbers over the next months.”

Trennert added that he is a buyer on dips.

Thwaites agreed that investors should buy on dips.

“April can be a cruel month for the stock market, so staying put on the sidelines right now and buying on the dips is a good move,” he said.

Thwaites said investors should stay long on companies with strong financials, balance sheets and those with overseas earnings.

“This is where you can pick up some of the mega-caps which are trailed this market for 10 to 12 times earnings and those are good values right now,” he said.

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