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Healthiest and Sickest US States

Health care is one of the hottest topics both in Washington and around the country, but there is no question that the level of health varies greatly from state to state.

Which US states have the healthiest populations and most robust health care systems? Which states lag behind? To help answer this question, America's Health Rankings compiles data on all 50 states - employing a methodology that encompasses everything from public policy and clinical care to resident behaviors, community and the environment - to develop a statistical ranking of how states compare to each other overall.

CNBC.com has also included the most recent numbers available from states on total health and human services spending, which is the only data included that is not provided by America's Health Rankings.

So, what are the healthiest and sickest states in America? Click ahead to find out!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 19 March 2010

Photo: Getty Images