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Cramer’s Game Plan: Surviving Health Care; Trading Earnings

If Cramer’s Game Plan is a chance for viewers to prepare for the coming week, then no event should took greater priority for them than this weekend’s expected health-care vote. The bill will have a significant impact on the investing world, he said, so everyone should get ready for the fallout.

The passage of health-care reform could set in motion a number of other legislative proposals from the White House – card check, cap and trade and, most importantly, higher taxes on capital gains and dividends – that would hurt both businesses and stocks. And that would translate into “a nasty sell-off,” Cramer said.

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Game Plan

To protect investors against that run on stocks, he created an Obama-proof portfolio of dividend-paying companies (click here to find out who they are). The idea was to find yields high enough to generate profits even with higher taxes, but Cramer also recommended foreign equities, as the US is looking more and more unfriendly to investors.

Beyond what looks like the final showdown on Obamacare, though, there are a number of other events on deck for the week. A number of earnings reports – from Tiffany , Darden , Best Buy , Oracle and Carnival to name a few – are coming, as well as February home sales and durable-goods orders. How should investors play them? Watch the video for Cramer’s full report.

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