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Lindsey Vonn Talks Sponsors, Olympic Rules

On "Squawk On The Street," I went one-on-one with the very marketable alpine skier Lindsey Vonn.

The Money Run

Here's my complete interview, with some highlights below.

On Red Bull: "Red Bull is heavily involved in my career. They have hired a private trainer for me and a physical therapist so I have everything taken care of, so it's awesome. It has provided me with so much help and they've really allowed me to be able to expand my career, my success, and without their support I definitely don't think where I'd be today."

On Rule 41, that prohibits non-Olympic sponsors from advertising during the games: "It's just tough for athletes and for sponsors during the Olympics because you're only allowed to promote products that are actually involved at the Olympics...I think things are changing. Maybe for the modern world, they can adjust the rules a bit. But there's advertising going on, so I don't know why it can't be open to everyone. My sponsors provide me with so much help and for Red Bull and Rolex and things like that to not be able to get the publicity that they deserve I think is a little bit unfair.

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