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Prep Your Portfolio for Next Week: Stock Pickers

What should investors be buying for the week ahead? Charles Bobrinskoy, vice chairman and director of research at Ariel Investments, and Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst at John Thomas Financial, shared their best plays.

The Friday Trade

“The single biggest characteristic in this market is a lack of sellers,” Kaufman told CNBC.

“There are no sellers around so unless something really comes in to bring sellers off the sidelines, the path of resistance is higher.”

Kaufman said investors should be in the real estate market, as it has been “tremendous.”

“This was supposed to be the quarter of the Armageddon in commercial real estate—and it’s not happening,” he said. “We’ve been in a global workout as opposed to the year before, where we were in a global margin call, so real estate has been very strong this month.”

In the meantime, Bobrinskoy told investors to look into the for-profit education sector.

“People who go to college make higher salaries—about $20,000 more—than those who don’t have a college degree,” he explained. “So there is a value proposition, and these for-profit schools educate people cheaper than the government does.”

Bobrinskoy Likes:

Apollo Group  


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Western Digital  

IShares Dow Jones US Real Estate  

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