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Prepare for Market Headwinds in May: Strategists

Stocks turned lower Friday as taxes in the health bill roiled Wall Street. Scott Redler, chief strategic officer at, and Mike Rubino, president of Rubino Financial, shared their insights.

The Tortoise Rally

“Our short-term indicator suggests that the market might rise a little bit into April to mid-May,” Rubino told CNBC.

“But it’s the near-term indicators that turn downwards very strongly after May—and the health care-istas in Washington are the ones that can be a big part of the big decline that comes.”

Rubino said investors should be prepared on the conservative side. (Scroll down to see his picks.)

“We like conservative trades like the dollar—if things do get worse here and around the world, the dollar is going to be where everyone goes to as a safe haven,” he said. “Rates are going to go up whether the economy picks up or people lose confidence, so shorting Treasurys is also a very conservative move.”

If the U.S. economy does poorly, the rest of the world will follow, added Rubino.

“We’re still the engine of the free world and capitalism,” he said. “If our engine stalls, the world stalls. So there will be no safe havens if indeed that comes to pass.”

In the meantime, Redler said if the House doesn’t vote on the health care bill, it could put pressure on the dollar and could derail some of the market optimism.

“There’s a lot of poor policy coming out of Washington via the health care program...they need to start doing some tough love and they need to get on the free enterprise train and right now," he said.

"The market has been moving up, we’ve seen a very healthy rotation—this tortoise rally has actually been very good because it’s given us a very methodical rotation from sector to sector.”

Redler also expects market headwinds going into May, when the rhetoric from Washington will "get louder."

“If Washington stays this course, it’s going to counteract a lot of the positives that we’re seeing in the economy right now,” he said.  


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