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Pisani: Why Are IPOs Popping This Week?

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs): A lousy start to the year, but that may be about to change. About 15 IPOs have happened so far this year, a poor showing, and of that only a little more than half are trading above their initial pricing. Others have been postponed.

But this is the busiest week of the year in terms of least five IPOs are coming, maybe more. What's driving things? As the markets have been higher, there's been some pent up demand emerging, and some indications that pricing may be more rational.

The hot IPOs this week are in specialty technology. Two stand out, both supposed to price tomorrow night for trading Wednesday:

1) MaxLinear (MXL)

5.43 million shares at $11-$13

Chip maker for broadband video

2) Calix Networks (CALX)

6.3 million shares at $11-$13

Provides broadband access equipment to small and mid sized service providers

Keep an eye on these two. If they price a dollar or so above the high end of the price talk, IPO traders will start crowing.

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