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Tiger Woods—What’s 5 Minutes Worth?


This blog was written by CNBC sports business producer Tom Rotunno.

Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods may have lost a few key sponsors since his November car accident and the resulting fallout, but he continues to draw attention for those that have stood by him.

Woods, who granted five-minute interviews to ESPN and Golf Channel, wore a Tiger Woods hat, Nike sweater and Tag Heuer watch during the interviews.

Eric Wright of Joyce Julius & Associates tells CNBC the branding exposure for the combined Nike brands is worth an estimated $2.4 million. Tag Heuer, which received a four second close-up as Woods modeled his new Buddhist bracelet, received $5,000 worth of exposure.

These projected values are calculated with all multiple showings on ESPN and Golf Channel taken into consideration, from the original airing through tonight at midnight.

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