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Photo: Seth Joel Photography|Cultura|Getty Images

From waterless toothbrushes to smart electrical outlets, a variety of new products designed to let consumers make small changes in their behavior to help the environment were showcased at the 2010 Go Green Expo in New York City. Click ahead to see how everyday items can contribute to sustainability.

Posted March 23, 2010

Aquafree Toothbrush

Photo: Aquafree

Price: $12.99

The makers of this waterless toothbrush seek to conserve water wasted while brushing. Instead of water, the brush uses replaceable and recyclable cartridges placed inside the brush that serve as a toothpaste and mouthwash.

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Merkury Innovations Speakers

Price: $14.99

These iPod speakers are made with wrappers from food conglomerate Mars that would have gone to waste. The speakers come in different designs, either M&M wrappers, Skittles or Starburst (pictured here). The speakers don’t require batteries or need to be plugged into an outlet, making them safer for the environment.

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ThinkEco Modlet

Photo: ThinkEco

Price: $40.00

The Modlet, which will be released in the fourth quarter of this year, turns any normal outlet into a smart one, allowing owners to reduce electricity consumption. The device can automatically shut off power to electronics and appliances when not in use.

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It’s My B Dry Cleaning Bag


Price: $20.00

This bag does double duty: it is a portable hamper to drop off clothes at the dry cleaner; it also unfolds into a garment bag to bring the clothes back home. The bag eliminates the need for conventional plastic wrapping.

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Photo: snackTaxi

Price: $4.95-$8.95

These reusable sandwich and snack carriers eliminate the need for plastic sandwich bags. The snackTaxi can be turned inside out to clean or dropped in the washing machine.

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Mighty Wallet

Photo: Mighty Wallet

Price: $15.00

A greener way to hold your green: 25 percent of this wallet is made with recycled plastic milk and water bottles. The rest is made from a strong micro fiber material without using stitching, making it 100 percent recyclable.

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Photo: EZ WyP

Price: $4.99

These biodegradable wipes start out as tiny pills that expand in water and can be used to clean hands or faces.

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