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Whitecaps Make a "Declaration of Indigestion"


This blog was written by CNBC sports business producer Tom Rotunno.

Cudighi Yooper Sandwich
Source: whitecaps

How do you follow-up what many considered the most outrageous ballpark food promotion in minor league history?

For the West Michigan Whitecaps the answer lies with not one item but two - and of course, a whole lot of meat, cheese and onions.

Faced with the prospect of replacing the internationally famous Fifth Third Burger (5/3 (1.66) lbs of beef with lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream, chili and Fritos on an eight-inch sesame seed bun) the Whitecaps turned to their fans for suggestions.

The team solicited ideas back in January, whittled the list down to 10 finalists, and opened the voting to fans in February.

Now after more than 23,000 votes and what the Whitecaps say might be the tightest race in food voting history, the results are in – and it’s a virtual tie. So the team will be adding not one, but two gut-busting items to the menu this year.

“Declaration of  Indigestion”
Source: Whitecaps

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado your signature West Michigan Whitecap food items for 2010:

“Declaration of Indigestion”: Clearly not all sandwiches are created equal, as evidenced by this half-pound foot-long hot dog covered in a Philly cheese steak (steak, cheese, peppers and onions) and served on a gigantic sub roll. Whitecaps officials say this sandwich should be consumed “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to disband from the tyranny of healthy eating”.