Funny Business with Jane Wells

Sarah Palin, the Videogame


Like "Law & Order", Addicting Games creates content "ripped from the headlines". It's the company behind "Hero on the Hudson", an online videogame where you, too, can try to land a jetliner on water. The company says "Hudson" has generated 4.6 million plays since being published last year.

Now there's "Palin's Tea Bomber", a game where the former Alaska Governor flies over America in her helicopter and drops teabags on her foes, people like Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel, David Letterman, even Kanye West and Lady Gaga! "I've got your hopey changey stuff right here," the former GOP veep nominee exclaims while dropping bag bombs.

Addicting Games says it chooses to make games that "follow the headlines--they are fast and inexpensive to make." The games are free, as the site is supported by ads. 

When I asked the company who comes up with this stuff, I was told in an email: "We look for topics that pop in the news and determine what can be translated into a fun, relatable game. The Palin Tea Party became something that people were buzzing about. We applied a popular game mechanic--flying objects 'bombing' opponents--to that theme and added some fun and humor to make a quick, funny game for users."

By the way, Republicans are big winners for Addicting Games. The most successful game yet has been "Hot Dog Bush", published in Fall 2008. That game has been played nearly seven million times.

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