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Stay in Market, but Watch Headwinds: Pros


Investors need to participate in this market because uncertainty has been largely removed and there are still some great opportunities, said Ray Harrison, founder of Harrison Financial Group and Alan Lancz, president of Alan B. Lancz & Associates.

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“We’re trying to continue to participate in this market—it’s just in different areas,” Lancz told CNBC. “Last year, we liked JPMorgan , Apple , and emerging markets—we’re not chasing those areas now, we’re still finding some bargains and opportunities in other areas.”

Lancz said while investors ought to stay invested, they should watch out for market headwinds down the road with higher interest rates and taxes caused by the stimulus and health care.

In the meantime, Harrison said a lot of the market uncertainty has been removed.

“You still have to participate in what really is a bull market for a while,” he said. “Corporate earnings are looking good, corporations have done a great job of restructuring and both consumers and corporations are increasing their spending.”

Harrison recommended investors to look into the “corporate, stable, andgood dividend-payingcompanies.”

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