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Chinese Yuan Will Quadruple Over Time: Rogers

Buy the Chinese yuan if you can, as the currency's value will surge over time, said Jim Rogers, Chairman of Rogers Holdings.

Yuan Will Surge Over Time: Rogers

"I expect the renminbi to double, triple, quadruple over the next few decades," Rogers said on CNBC. "Just as the Japanese yen...went up 400% over the past few decades against the dollar, the renminbi will too."

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Leave China Alone

When it comes to letting the yuan float, Rogers said Beijing should not manage the currency at all. However, continuous pressure from the U.S. is not going to help.

"I would leave the Chinese alone. Slapping people in the public is not a good way to get things done. And the other side has to save face, and they have to do something," Rogers added.

"The Chinese know they have to have a higher floating currency, they know they have to let things change but slapping them in the face is not the way to do it."