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For Sale, $5: Eskimo Lessons, Risque Ex-Girlfriend Pics


The recession has wreaked a lot of financial havoc, but it also created a lot of bargains—from luxury goods to new homes.

One Web site,, captures the bargain-bin vibe of this economy, offering a Craigslist-like listing of goods and services people are offering for the low, low price of $5. Some of them are what you’d expect for five bucks — others are insane bargains:

For your ego, one person offers to draw a caricature of youfor $5 and another offers to sing you any song you like.

And for your education, one user offers to teach you Eskimo language and phrases over Skype and another says he’ll teach you how to play – and win – any videogamefor—yep, you guessed it—$5.

If you're in to shameless self promotion, a user offers to make you a music video on Youtubefor $5 and another poster, who is actually the author of the TVstuff.comblog, offers to write you a “killer review + testimonial” for any product or service:


One entrepreneur will even create a “brilliant name” for your business for $5 – though you have to give him four days. But, he’s confident he can do it: “With the right name and marketing, you could sell somebody something they already own!” he says.

If you’ve ever threatened to throw your computer out the window, here’s a $5 bargain: One computer pro, with 18 years in the business, offers to give you “quick and easy-to-follow directions to make your computer run as fast as when you first bought it, or faster, for $5.”

Be careful who you scorn on the Internet: One woman offers to make a voodoo doll of your ex for $5, while another guy offers to sell you dozens of naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend for $5.

The best is the guy who will send you a sound file of him saying anything you want in his Philadelphia accent — all for $5.

There's also a section where you can suggest $5 gigs you'd like to see, including converting a PDF to a Web site and transcribing music into sheet music.

Oh, Internet. I can’t quit you!

What would you do for $5? Email me at or drop a line in the comment box below.

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