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Investors Bullish on iPhone for Verizon

Apple's iPhone
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Recent reports that Apple will offer a CDMA version of its iPhone are emboldening bullish investors in the technology company who believe Apple will greatly increase sales of the device when it’s made available to CDMA wireless subscribers.

The iPhone already contributes roughly 38 percent of Apple’s cash flow and making the device available to CDMA carriers, while it has been expected, will none-the-less contribute to significant sales growth, say Apple investors.

It’s unclear, according to various reports, whether Apple will strike a deal to offer Verizon the iPhone this year and my sources at Verizon, while hopeful that will be the case, have nothing to add on that possibility.

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Verizon is in the midst of building out its 4G wireless platform and it’s unclear how much time Apple would have to sell a CDMA phone to Verizon subscribers before it has to sell an entirely new device that supports the 4G technology.

Even if Apple were to bypass Verizon, a CDMA iPhone could be a big seller in China as well as some other Asian markets.

Apple has seen significant sales increases in foreign markets when it increased the number of carriers offering the iphone.



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