Funny Business with Jane Wells

The Business of Bad Art


For those who've stood in a museum in front of a bazillion dollar work of modern art and wondered, "That is art?," here is an art museum which may appeal to your sense of humor, if not your sense of taste.

The Museum of Bad Art, or MOBA, is based in Somerville, Mass.

It's about to unveil its latest exhibit, "Bigger Badder, Beautifuller" at one of its galleries there.  MOBA's slogan is "Art Too Bad to be Ignored", and it actually has two galleries, both in basements of local theaters—one near the men's room—where it displays the Worst. Art. Ever.

Much of the acquired artwork is found by dumpster diving or in thrift stores. Local garbage collectors have become great sources of new material.

Source: Museum of Bad Art

My favorite MOBA pieces can be found in the Unseen Forcessection, where there's a disturbing Jacko-esque portrait called "Think Again" which has a hilarious interpretation.

However, the absolute worst may be a piece entitled "More," by Sandy Winslow.

Curator Scott Wilson pulled it out of a trash can.

"A friend of Mr. Winslow spotted the painting and informed the artist," the web site says. "Mr. Winslow called the MOBA office last month to tell us that he had far worse in his studio. Mr. Wilson, our Esteemed Curator, visited Winslow's studio and concurred with his judgment."

Source: Museum of Bad Art

Other sections include portraits, landscapes, and recent acquisitions (I am somewhat fond of "Retch Like an Egyptian," artist unknown).

The museum makes money through donations and sales of merchandise, like a Pablo Presley T-shirt.

FlashNews reports that the latest exhibit opens April 8 and will feature the largest works of bad art MOBA has been able to find.

Bigger is badder, according to museum director Louis Reilly Sacco, as artists "let themselves go" on really large canvases.

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