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The Five-Star Dream Job: Honeymoon Tester


How about this for a dream job — honeymoon tester.


H-h-hey! Not THAT kind of honeymoon tester. This job involves traveling the world to some of the hottest honeymoon destinations and then blogging and writing about it.

The contest is being offered by Runaway Bride and Groom, an Irish tourism company, and pays 20,000 euros (US$27,000).

You’ll get to spend six months in five-star bliss and all you have to do is get off the hammock a few times a week to blog — and once a month to write a story for the Irish Times newspaper.

This dream-job contest craze started a little over a year ago with the island-caretaker jobin Queensland, Australia. Then there was the contest to be an island caretaker on Waiheke Islandoff the cost of New Zealand, the wine-blogger jobin Sonoma and the theme-park reviewer job in Orlando, Fla.

Applications for this latest dream job are due April 7, so there’s still time! All you have to do is submit an 80-second video of why they should pick you and your partner for the job — and why Ireland is awesome. (Seriously, that’s part of the requirement.)

If you’re applying, you should probably tell your significant other — it’s a requirement that he or she accompany you, and you’ll have to hit the road mid-May.

The Runaway site lists the top 10 applicantsat the moment (voting is continuous), so you can check out all the couples you’ll need to elbow out of your way on the road to paradise.

On your mark … get set … honeymoon!

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