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iPad Stories From the Front Lines


It came, it saw, it conquered. Kinda.

Apple says it sold more than 300,000 iPads on Saturday (including pre-orders), a million apps were downloaded, along with 250,000 books.

After the first iPads were bought, people immediately started trying to resell the devices on Ebay.

Someone took on the Twitter name "TheRealiPad"and tweeted, "YOU HAVE UNLEASHED ME ON THE WORLD... I WILL KILL YOU ALL..."

After I joked the iPad was being treated like the Second Coming on Easter weekend, I learned the two collided during Easter services at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA. A parishioner posted a pic online with the message "First church in history to run a message from iPad."

Photo by: @pdxcommute

What is your verdict?

Over the weekend, I asked people on Twitterto send me pictures of lines (or the lack of them) and their impressions of the buying experience and the device.

At this Apple Store in Portland, Oregon, @pdxcommute declares it's a "Nerd Traffic Jam!"

@TexasAlum took this picture of a crowded store in Houston.

@jb111 tweeted me, "Four hour wait in Buffalo." And from @bli182nk: "32GB was sold out in Dallas for none reserved. HORRIBLE feeling being herded in and pushed out..."

But you didn't have to stand in line in many places. @DaGodfaddah snapped this image of an iPad at a Best Buy outside Napa Valley. He said the store had eight in stock, and no lines. He's not buying...yet. "I'm using willpower to wait for 3G version," he tweeted me. "Initiated a restraining order on self." He did wish the device had a USB port, but "guy at Best Buy was doing hard sell about bluetooth file transfer."

Photo by: @TexasAlum

@ThemisSal bought an iPad for his son in Brick, New Jersey, Saturday night. "No lines. They had tons." By Sunday, "Thumbs up. No camera does not matter. Anyone who has it has a phone with a camera already on them. My son can't put it down."

@tinkermac picked her reserved iPad up in Birmingham, Alabama, Saturday morning. "Walked right in. No line." Later: "I'm in love!!!Had no idea it was 4:00. Been on it since noon."

Realtor Kevin Moran emailed me, "Picked up my iPad at 3:30pm today; it's 11:00 pm and I am still at it...I can actually see how this could possibly replace my iPhone; using Skype & Wifi to make phone calls." He said it was the first time he's ever been an early adopter. "Waiting for the next release is a more practical and pragmatic choice. The next version will be cheaper & have more features, BUT.......Having a new gadget the day it comes out also brings its own satisfaction!"

Photo by: @DaGodFaddah

@williamwestfall is one of those waiting, but not without envy. "The calendar is stunning!! Photos are easily organized and accessible. I'll blog easily...wordpress app is awesome!...I'm afraid of not waiting for 2nd Gen. But how can I live now without this thing??!!" Still, it's not perfect. "Really bummed there is no camera."

Many believe a camera will be on the next generation of the device.

@dkneupper, who is waiting for the 3G version before he buys, pooh-poohs the critics. "Product markets are efficient," he tweets. "If the iPad doesn't have the right feature set, it will fail. No need to preach."

Finally, just to make me laugh, @dSquib "reported" the following iPad shopping experience: "No lines, very fast service, oversupplied—Mogadishu".

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