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Would You Take a Pay Cut to Save Your Job?


Are you willing to sacrifice your salary to hold onto your job? conducted a survey which shows employees are more confident they will not lose their jobs. However, three out of four are willing to take a pay cut to make sure. For people who are unemployed, nine out of ten are willing to work for less than they originally expected.

How low will you go?

According to Glassdoor, nearly half of those currently with jobs would accept pay cuts of up to 9 percent, one in five would accept cuts of up to 19 percent, and one in ten would accept even deeper reductions.

However, what employees give, they expect to receive back later. "As employees start to feel better about the future," says Glassdoor's Rusty Rueff, "employers need to have their finger on the pulse of employee expectations...Even though most people are willing to take a pay cut to keep their job today, our data indicates they will likely expect a reinstatement of pay or raise once the market improves if not look for a new job altogether."

But forget the willingness to cut pay. Glassdoor says one third of those surveyed expect raises in the next year, with men more confident than women (sigh, ladies, have some confidence!).

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