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Buy, Sell, Hold, Tweet?


Alkermes CEO Richard Pops has company. Well, sort of.


A few months ago I blogged that Pops had taken the bold step of jumping on Twitter and actually tweeting(that's Twitter-speak for sending out messages of 140 characters or less.)

Well, now, a sell-side biotech analyst is tweeting, too.

Rodman & Renshaw's Simos Simeonidissent out his first blurb yesterday:

"if u like/believe in RNAi & thnk it may become the 3rd class of drugs after small mol and antibodies, u shd also remember this name: Regulus"

"Mol" is short for molecule and Regulus is a joint venture of Isis Pharmaceuticals and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals , which was the subject of Simeonidis' second tweet:

"ALNY adds additional layer of IP protection; gets US patent covering broad use of RNAi therapeutics"

At least a few other analysts are on Twitter, but I think they're just watching what the prolific tweeters are saying and doing. For example, there's JPMorgan's medical device analyst Mike Weinsteinwho has 41 followers, but hasn't sent a single tweet. Bernstein biotech analyst Geoffrey Porges has Weinstein beat by one tweet and counts 20 followers. Miller Tabak health care analyst Les Funtleyderhas also been mum, so far, but has still managed to attract 15 followers. I follow all of them, including Simeonidis, who's already at 109 followers and counting.

I suspect that the lawyers and compliance departments have put a muzzle on the other analysts or are in the process of trying to figure out a way for them to tweet without crossing a line with the SEC. In a Twitter conversation this morning with's biotech guy Adam Feuerstein and me, Simeonidis acknowledged as much, tweeting:

"i do have to watch what i tweet, it's probably new legal territory and don't want to be sued :) "

I like Twitter. In fact, I'm addicted to Twitter. Alkermes makes drugs for addiction. @popsalksu got anything 4 dat?

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