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The importance of a good narrative hasn’t escaped a number of publicly traded companies, Cramer said during Wednesday’s Stop Trading!. Plenty of stocks that at one point had been hit hard by the market are rebounding, all because of their new messaging strategies.

EOG Resources is one example. This stock “got hammered,” Cramer said, after it reported earnings on Feb. 10, dropping to about $88, or $6 lower than the previous days close. But on Wednesday EOG reached as high as $104 and change thanks to a presentation to analysts that highlighted its oil assets while downplaying its exposure to weaker natural-gas prices.

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“This stock has not only made back what it lost,” Cramer said of EOG, “but then some.”

Cramer has seen similar moves play out in Polo Ralph Lauren , Urban Outfitters , Staples and Family Dollar . FDO lacked a strong message when it was dropping to $27 from $32, he said, but the CEO “told a fabulous story on the conference call this morning, and that stock’s ramping.”

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