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FTSE Is Strongest Market in Europe: Charts

Stock markets around the world will continue to gain, Daryl Guppy, CEO of, told CNBC on Thursday.

The Shanghai Composite could rebound above 3,100 and retest 3,180, according to Guppy.

Chinese, UK, French Stocks to Go Higher: Charts

If the Chinese index breaks above 3,180, it could rise first to 3,400, then possibly to 3,600, he added.

The FTSE 100 index is the "strongest market in Europe at the moment," Guppy told CNBC. He sees the UK index rising to around 6,150.

"This is a strong market where we may see perhaps some retracement back to 5,600, but then a rebound, a continuation, on that longer-term uptrend towards those targets around 6,150," he said.

Guppy has an upside target of 4,300 for France's CAC 40 index. He warned that there are risks to how far the index's rally could go.

Guppy's long-term target for gold is $1,240.

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