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Cramer on the Apple-Adobe 'Uproar'


Cramer started Friday’s Mad Mail by revisiting Unilife , a stock that stumped him during Wednesday’s Lightning Round. The $2 billion company, which designs, develops, manufactures, and supplies proprietary retractable syringes, is “way too risky for me,” he said.

UNIS started trading on the Nasdaq on Feb. 16, opening at $8.60 a share and then jumping 207% to an intraday high of $26.40 the next day. By March 30, though, it was at a low of $5.41. On Monday, it jumped to $8.04 from $5.81 after announcing that the Food & Drug Administration has given clearance for one of its insulin syringes. Over the course of this week, UNIS has slid back down to $6.52.

“This is too volatile,” Cramer said.

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Factor in Cramer’s worry about Unilife’s competition, the company’s limited focus on syringes and that its products are still in development and you can see why he won’t get behind it. Especially considering there’s some uncertainty about its funding requirements.

Also during Mad Mail, Richard in Georgia wanted to know what was wrong with Adobe Systems’ stock, despite the company reporting a strong quarter upbeat guidance. Cramer said to look no further than the Apple iPad, which doesn’t recognize Abode’s Flash program. “It’s caused this big uproar,” he said, because iPad owners are unable to use what’s really been a ubiquitous Web-based application.

Steve in New Hampshire asked about IBM , which had been pacing the Dow until March 1 but then fell behind. Like Adobe, he saw no reason for the underperformance, but Cramer pointed out that IBM “trades around earnings.” So therefore this stock “won’t do anything until it reports.” But Cramer expects good results when that happens.

And then Jeff in “a well-to-do part of Michigan” wrote in to say that while Cramer may recognize and use Hain Celestial’s natural and organic products, he “did not recognize a single one” after visiting the company’s website. And Jeff shops at Whole Foods , Trader Joe’s and Kroger . Cramer said that’s probably “the reason why that stock’s not working.” He added: “I bet the stock doesn’t break out until you start seeing it everywhere, including your neck of the woods.”

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