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Consumer Spending's Up, So Why Not Visa?


During Monday's Mad Mail, Brian in Houston wondered why the acceleration in consumer spending hasn't translated into a recent increase in Visa's share price. Cramer said that's because the stock has "moved unbelievably over the course of the last six months, not the last six days." He urged Visa shareholders to "not get too micro-focused."

Mad Mail

Paul wanted to know if AerCap Holdings AER was a good play on the recovering travel market, but Cramer was unwilling to recommend the stock. He said to go with Boeing instead. We're in year one of what is often times a seven-year cycle, he said, so "let's not out think it."

And finally, Carmine in Chicago dug deep into Akamai Technologies' accounting and discovered that the company's Generally Accepted Accounting Principles earnings per share were about 50% less than non-GAAP EPS, which is what is used in the analyst estimates. Also, Carmine found that this was because of the utilization of net operating loss tax credits, and on the most recent conference call AKAM said that these would be used up in 2010. He wanted to know how important this was in determining earnings going forward.

Cramer's response? "You should be worried," he said. "It does look like that Akamai is overvalued when you strip out what you did." However, Cramer still likes the company, citing its growth, products and position at the heart of the mobile Internet tsunami. He commended Carmine's work but urged viewers to "not draw the negative conclusion."

Cramer's charitable owns Apple and Visa.

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