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Stocks Moving the Market


1) UBS announcing that earnings will be better than expected helping big U.S. banks. The biggest catalyst appears to be significant improvement in fixed income trading; we can assume that big U.S. banks will also have large gains from fixed income trading (Goldman has already said this).

The other major reason banks have gained: 1) clear evidence that banks--particularly regional banks—who need to raise capital will be able to do so, and 2) no pressure so far to dump commercial real estate on the market at fire sale prices.

JP Morgan kicks off bank earnings season on Wednesday, Bank of America on Friday.

2) Freightcar companies again moving today. FreightCar America , Trinity , Greenbrier and American Railcar Industries sells rail cars and equipment for the train industry. Most are designed to haul freight. Another company showing some strength is GATX , which leases railroad cars and locomotives.

There has been some evidence recently that coal car loadings are improving, but there seems to be an even wider bet that upcoming economic data will show a clear improvement in the economy.

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