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Chipping Away at the Debt Wall


It’s still a wall of worry for companies that have debt maturities coming due between 2012 and 2014.

But the so called “wall of debt maturities” in that time frame is being steadily chipped away, due to the record pace of high-yield issuance we’ve seen so far this year.

Virtually every day seems to bring a slew of new deals. Many of them are refinancings that will take a company’s maturities safely outside the years in which many of the big leveraged buyouts from 2005-2007 need to have their debt refinanced, for example: Cablevision priced $1.25 billion in debt yesterday.

Source: CNBC

If there’s ever been a graphic that was an investment bankers dream, it’s the one of the wall of worry.

“Get in now while you can”, say the bankers, and so far, with yield-hungry investors clamoring for more, the companies are happy to oblige.

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