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Cramer: We’re Six Months From Prosperity

The market is never late, Cramer said Tuesday, it’s always early. And given the way stocks are acting now, he thinks we’re in for a great end of the year.

Cramer said the market is about as close as we’ll get to a crystal ball, and what he’s seeing right now is job creation. He specifically pointed to the import figures released this morning, which indicated so much demand that increased hiring is virtually inevitable. After all, someone’s going to have to make the goods being ordered.

This is apparent among the automakers, oil and gas companies, tech firms and even the federal government. All of these sectors will put people to work, whether it’s due to increased demand or stimulus spending – finally – kicking in. How would investors have known this was coming before this mornings import numbers? By watching the related stocks, all of which have been ramping.

And then there’s housing, with Sherwin Williams , Masco , Home Depot , Fortune Brands and Whirpool on the rise. Cramer thinks these companies are announcing good news, too. Housing starts can’t go any lower, he said, without creating a shortage. And J.P. Morgan went so far as to say we’d see a shortage in 2011, citing everything from population growth to increased household formation. That would allow for much-needed home-price appreciation, which Cramer has said is the real driver for a housing recovery.

Beyond stocks, Cramer also said he thinks the economy is so robust, TARP has been such a success and tax receipts will be so much higher than expected that the budget deficit won’t be half the problem people are predicting.

Of course, these predictions can’t be seen yet. Outside of the market, that is. And Cramer thinks it will be obvious by the end of the year that the recession has ended and the recovery’s in full swing.

“The turn is at hand,” he told Mad Money viewers, and “we are six months away from you seeing the genuine prosperity that I am forecasting.”

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