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Fashion, Value Differentiate Aeropostale in Teen Space: Exec


The teenage consumer is returning to the mall to replace her wardrobe, and her continued search for deals has helped Aeropostale set itself apart from competitors in the teen retail space, Co-CEO Mindy Meads told CNBC Wednesday.

The Consumer Comeback

"We are promotional every day, and we continue to improve upon our product," Meads said. "We sit on the intersection between fashion and value, and it truly is a powerful place."

After determining through a licensee agreement in Dubai that the Aeropostale brand has global reach, the company is now investigating overseas growth opportunities, Meads said. That's on top of its 40 stores it opened in 2009, a period when many retailers shuttered their doors. As such, the company plans to continue with its hiring phase, Meads said.

Meads said T-shirts and shorts are the most in-demand items this spring, and that through the contingents it has in place, its stores won't face a shortage of inventory as consumers increase spending.

Aeropostale, which targets primarily 14- to 17-year olds, recently raised its first quarter earnings guidance to 44 cents a share from 39 to 40 cents a share.

"There's no doubt that the consumer moves from store to store, but we think that what makes us win is that incredible combination that we have of the fashion and our value," she said.

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